We encourage deserving students to pursue college degrees in Theater Arts. cwACT offers one, $300 college scholarship for the academic year.

How to Apply
Go to the Instructions (below) and answer all questions. Email or mail your answers.
Applications must be postmarked by the required date (normally late spring).
cwACT will review all applications and select a final candidate on the basis of eligibility, quality of application, interest in the Theater Arts field, and financial need. cwACT will contact the finalist by date TBA. The scholarship recipient will be announced by date TBA.

The scholarship is awarded to the recipient for one academic year, in the amount of $300, and may be spent on tuition or college-related expenses. The scholarship is made directly to the student. Applications may be submitted throughout the year but no later than May 1st. It must be a graduating Senior in Central Wisconsin Area.

Any high school student interested in pursing an undergraduate degree in Theater Arts. The scholarship is not entirely merit based, so the student need not possess a high grade point average. We look for students with a passion for theater.


Use one page to answer all four of the following essay questions in total (not one page per question):

  • 1. Describe your passion for theater.
  • 2. Describe a theater-related challenge you’ve encountered (i.e., acting, directing, rehearsing, set construction, etc.) and explain how you resolved it.
  • 3. Describe a situation, such as; a performance, rehearsal or a any group project in which you demonstrated initiative and your willingness to do more than asked.
  • 4. Describe how this scholarship will help you.

Email your application to:

Or, mail your application to:

cwACT Scholarship Program
P.O. Box 584
Stevens Point, WI 54481


The 2018 cwACT Scholarship Recipient
Noah plans to attend UWSP and hopes to pursue the theater program