Direct a Play

Do you want to direct a show? cwACT is looking to find Directors for the 2024/2025 season. If you are interested in directing this season, please  fill out the application available here!

The Artistic Director’s responsibility is to provide a stage worthy show for cwACT. New directors are provided a mentor to guide them in cwACT policies. Directors are responsible for assembling their own production team. However, input can be supplied by the mentor and the cwACT Board.

Approved Director’s are expected to sign a Directors Contract as well as provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors. At this time, Directors will be provided with a stipend.

A copy of the directors contract can be accessed here.

2024-25 Synopses

Matilda – Musical

Load in – October 18th
Shows – October 25th-27th, November 1st-2nd
Strike – November 3rd

Young Matilda loves to read and has a thirst for knowledge, but is treated poorly by her uncaring and self-absorbed parents. When she meets her kind, empathetic teacher Miss Honey, Matilda is encouraged to embrace her uniqueness and reach for the stars – a lesson that gives her the confidence to stand up to the school’s cruel headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. It is in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and overwhelming degradation that Matilda finds her inner power, inspiring her teacher and her classmates to shake the oppressive yolks of the powerful.

More info at here.

Christmas Radio Play – Holiday

Load in – December 16th
Shows – December 19th-21st
Strike – December 21st

An annual tradition for cwACT. This show is a live production of a radio play, also recorded for airing on local radio stations. The show itself has not yet been determined, so you have a say in what show to do! Last year’s production of “A Christmas Carol” was a smash hit, and well received by young and old alike.

Clue – Comedy

Load in – January 25th
Shows – January 31st-February 2nd, February 7th-8th
Strike – February 9th

Based on the iconic 1985 Paramount movie which was inspired by the classic Hasbro board game, Clue is a hilarious farce-meets-murder mystery. The tale begins at a remote mansion, where six mysterious guests assemble for an unusual dinner party where murder and blackmail are on the menu. When their host turns up dead, they all become suspects. Led by Wadsworth the butler, the guests race to find the killer as the body count stacks up.

More info at here.

Don Quixote de La Center – Dark Comedy/Drama

Load in – May 2nd
Shows – May 8th-11th
Strike – May 12th-13th

It is Halloween at a group home for senior citizens in the rural town of La Center, Washington. Donald Quintero, an aging resident with dementia, is put in an improvised suit of armor for a Halloween party, and decides that he is a knight of old. His antics are harmless–even therapeutic for the other residents–and the staff indulge Don’s fantasy, much to the dismay of his son, Sam.

Then, Don’s delusions of knightly valor begin causing inadvertent harm, with wheelchair jousts against giants (a vending machine) and battles against infidels (cardboard Thanksgiving pilgrim decorations). When he convinces another resident that she is his paramour Dulcinea and she forsakes her real identity and no longer recognizes her husband of sixty years, the staff realizes Don has gone too far. They employ validation therapy to get through to Don by addressing him from inside his fantasy. When increasingly difficult “knightly challenges” cannot conquer the knight, Sam poses as the Knight of Mirrors to bring his father back to crushing reality.

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