Direct A Play!

Looking to direct a show? cwACT is looking to find Directors for the 2022/2023 season. If you are interested in directing this season, please make a copy and fill out the Application Form here:

The Artistic Director’s responsibility is to provide a stage worthy show for cwACT. New directors are provided a mentor to guide them in cwACT policies. Directors are responsible for assembling their own production team. However, input can be supplied by the mentor and the cwACT Board. 

Approved Director’s are expected to sign a Directors Contract as well as provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors. At the present time the role of Artistic Director is a volunteer role and no stipend is provided. 

A copy of the directors contract can be accessed by clicking here

2022/23 Synopses

Spongebob the Musical

SpongeBob SquarePants is the musical adaptation of Nickelodeon’s long-running animated children’s sitcom of the same name. We find ourselves in the undersea city of Bikini Bottom, inhabited by happy-go-lucky and ever-optimistic yellow sea sponge SpongeBob SquarePants and his equally quirky circle of friends and neighbors. SpongeBob’s pleasant existence is abruptly interrupted when it is discovered that Mt. Humongous, a nearby volcano, will erupt within the next 48 hours and completely obliterate Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob, trying to prove to himself and the world that he is not “just a simple sponge,” resolves to save the day when everybody else has given up all hope. – 

A Christmas Carol by Doris Baizley

A highly inventive adaptation of the classic Dickens story, pared down to its essential elements. In this version, we encounter a company of traveling players about to enact the Dickens story. As the on-stage trunk of supplies opens, actors and clowns spill out and roll on. The gruff stage manager and prop boy check the show’s props, which are shabby and third rate, but the troupe improvises by creating a magical world of make-believe. The acting troupe soon discovers that the actors playing Scrooge and Tiny Tim have abandoned the tour; but the show must go on, and the prop boy eagerly volunteers for the part of Tim while the cynical stage manager must be forcibly drafted to play the old miser. The troupe proceeds to make their way through the tale, creating fog, snow, fire and ghosts through mime, imagination and wonderful visual effects. The rag tag players (including the stage manager and prop boy) quickly become the characters of the story, and we are pulled into the life of Ebenezer Scrooge. The Christmas Spirits work their magic and warm the heart of Scrooge, as well as the old stage manager. This is an extremely effective and easily produced version of this Christmas classic. – 


1974 by Mike E. Edgren

On November 17, 1974 President Richard M. Nixon conducted a no-holds-barred, question and answer session with the nation’s newspaper editors in a last-ditch attempt to restore his credibility following the Watergate investigations. The widely televised press conference took place at the Associated Press Managing Editor’s Annual Conference at Walt Disney World. It was at this conference that the President uttered those memorable

words “I am not a crook.” The events in this play are an attempt to capture what might have, but most certainly did not, lead up to that quintessential moment in American history. The farce is really about all the things going on in the Post-Vietnam 70’s:  Watergate, the Woman’s movement, the Sexual Revolution and the first real pressure to legalize marijuana.

Philly and the Dreamer 

It’s 1979, and the bright lights of the “big time” are seemingly unattainable from the low-income neighborhoods of Yonkers, NY. However, that doesn’t stop Johnny Calacucci from dreaming.  A bright, undaunted optimist, Johnny believes he has what it takes to be a songwriter, but after four years of college, declining to pursue a “real” career and consequently being dumped by his long-term girlfriend, he’s back working at the family butcher shop with a plan that’s going nowhere.  Johnny definitely has the passion, talent, and drive, but something’s missing.  Then one night at a very unusual demo session Phyllis, a gregarious young woman with a special voice, lets go.  Musical sparks fly, and Johnny sees it all, a bigger and better dream, his songs, her voice, and an incredible band named after the hairdresser he thinks could be a star…”Philly.” –