Donate to cwACT

Did you know? When you purchase a ticket to a cwACT show, you are only paying for ½ the cost of the production.

cwACT’s nonprofit gift program began as a way to support cwACT through contributions from friends, neighbors, and community members. It continues to give cwACT a financial flexibility that it would not have with ticket sales alone.  Ticket revenue covers only 54% of show costs, and cwACT relies on donations to make up almost half of our budget. 

To become a member, please put “CWACT Membership 2024” in the donation message with your donation of $10.00 or more!  

Lifetime Angels

JoAnna Connell and Anson Williams (Starmaker Products LLC)
Alice Faust
John Gillesby
Kathy Kinney
Diane Kippenhan-Vollmer
Thomas O’Malley
Andy Risberg

 Tax deductible contributions can also be mailed to:
cwACT Donations
P.O. Box 584
Stevens Point, WI 54481