Donate to cwACT

Did you know? When you purchase a ticket to a cwACT show, you are only paying for ½ the cost of the production.

cwACT’s nonprofit gift program began as a way to support cwACT through contributions from friends, neighbors, and community members. It continues to give cwACT a financial flexibility that it would not have with ticket sales alone.  Ticket revenue covers only 54% of show costs, and cwACT relies on donations to make up almost half of our budget.

Lifetime Angels

JoAnna Connell and Anson Williams (Starmaker Products LLC)
Alice Faust
John Gillesby
Kathy Kinney
Diane Kippenhan-Vollmer
Thomas O’Malley
Andy Risberg

 Tax deductible contributions can also be mailed to:
cwACT Donations
P.O. Box 584
Stevens Point, WI 54481